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Throughout the years fans of the Li’l Abner comic strip were not only entertained by creator Al Capp’s major characters, Li’l Abner, Daisy Mae, Mammy Yokum, Pappy Yokum, and Fearless Fosdick, but they were also treated to a constant and colorfully unique world of supporting characters.

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Joe Btfsplk: World’s most loving friend and worst jinx who always travels with a dark cloud over his head.


Tiny Yokum:Abner’s 15 1/2 year old brother.


Honest Abe Yokum: Abner and Daisy Mae’s little boy.

Marryin’ Sam: The preacher who specializes in $2 weddings.

General Bullmoose: Al Capp created General Bullmoose in June 1953 as the epitome of a ruthless capitalist. Bullmoose’s motto “What’s good for General Bullmoose is good for the USA!” was adapted by Capp from a statement made by Charles E. Wilson, the former head of General Motors and Secretary of Defense under President Dwight Eisenhower. In 1952 Wilson told a Senate subcommittee, “What is good for the country is good for General Motors, and what’s good for General Motors is good for the country.” Li’l Abner became embroiled in many implausible but hilarious adventures with the cold-hearted Bullmoose over the years.

Evil Eye Fleegle: His quadruple whammy can melt a battleship.

Earthquake McGoon: The bearded and barrel-chested Earthquake McGoon billed himself as “the world’s dirtiest wrassler.” He first appeared in the comic strip as a traveling exhibition wrestler in the late ’30s and became increasingly prominent when early television greatly enhanced the popularity of professional wrestling. McGoon is one of the very few secondary characters to make an appearance in both the 1940 “Li’l Abner” movie and the 1950’s Broadway musical. In the latter he came close to marrying Daisy Mae.

Stupefyin’ Jones: Statuesque actress Julie Newmar played Stupefyin’ Jones in the 1956 Broadway musical of “Li’l Abner” —and she never spoke or sang a single line! Stupefyin’ was so gorgeous that men who saw her literally froze in their tracks.

Jubilation T. Cornpone: A town as forlorn as Dogpatch is bound to be hard up for heroes. Thus it comes as no surprise that its most famous son, memorialized by a statue, is civil war General Jubilation T. Cornpone, best known for “Cornpone’s Retreat,” “Cornpone’s Disaster” and “Cornpone’s Rout.” But what he is really best known for is inspiring the most rousing and memorable song in the popular “Li’l Abner musical. The first verse:

“When we fought the Yankees and annihilation was near, who was there to lead the charge that took us safe to the rear? Why it was Jubilation T. Cornpone, old toot-your-own-horn pone. Jubilation T. Cornpone, a man who knew no fear.”


Senator Phogbound: Pot-bellied Jack S. Phogbound was satirist Al Capp’s skewed archetype of a filibustering southern politician. Senator Phogbound was a corrupt, conspiratorial blowhard, who often wore a coonskin cap and carried a ramrod rifle to show his constituents he remained a trustworthy good ol’ boy. Phogbound seemed to spend a disproportionate amount of his time campaigning or passing through Dogpatch, which made sense from a plot standpoint, but where, it can be assumed, no one ever voted.

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35 Responses to Family Album

  1. Linda Kelley says:


    When construction has ended, I do hope you will carry product ala Denis Kitchen and I do so hope to see more about Wolf Gal!

    My fingers are crossed – :)


  2. Winona Barrows says:

    In the movie “Lil Abner” 1959 the man that shoves the rifle into the back of Lil Abner is my Uncle. His name was Neadith Landrum. I have been told that he went by the name of Cherokee or Cherokee Cowboy. He was just an extra in a lot of movies but this movie was one of his biggest roles. I guess he isnt listed in full cast and charitures because he was only an extra. If you can find out any thing about him I would be grateful.

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  4. Steve says:

    I have a memory of a Lil Abner character that I can’t confirm. I seem to recall a character much like the Pincushions, which tried to get their way by running their noses into the propellers attached to the behinds of fellow characters. They depended on creating sympathy in onlookers. Was this part of the Pincushion story line?

  5. Robert Pasek says:

    Looking for any information related to the character of Stanley Steamer. Reference the LiL Abner strip dated Jan. 22, 1947 with a reference to James Melton. References to James Melton also appear in the strips dated Feb.8,1947 and Feb.12,1947.

    Thank you for your time in reviewing this request.

  6. Steve Diaz says:

    I’m looking for pictures of Flame McGoon! It was a character in Lil Abner’s and was the name of my Grandfather’s B-24 Liberator during WWII. Please somebody help me out!

  7. Linda says:

    What was the name of the hotel in the lil abner comi

  8. L Steel says:

    For a time was there a cowboy dressed totally in white and riding a white horse. He played a hero role in Lil Abners dreams.

  9. Jim Pirko says:

    I miss this surreal masterpiece Li’l Abner by Al Capp.

  10. Ron Wuethrich says:

    Weren’t the “Schmoos” ,characters from Lil Abner also??

  11. Lee C. says:

    Ah yes, I remember them well. A nostalgia bordering on bittersweet; not because of Al Capps’ body of work but the sentiment it evokes, similar to an old song, or the hint of a familiar, unexpected, fragrance and the memories released. I confess, looking through this family album at the old pictures of characters known so well I’m next to tears. Thank you.

  12. I also remember the had a SNAPPLE tree which bore a fruit like an apple but white with black polka dots!
    My father & i would read Lil Abner & laugh together, sometimes Dad would get an idea of something a comic character might say and would make a caption over it for me to laugh at. this cartoon makes me think of the fun we had together.

  13. Norman Biegner says:

    With the 2016 elections looming, we sure could use Al Capp now, to help understand “the lesser of 2 evils”.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Was there an Indian in the Lil Abner comic strip?

  15. fred calimlim says:

    I am now 83 and live in USA for 40 years. I grew up in the Philippines and I love reading Al Capp’s Li’l Abner wherever It it published: Sunday news comic section or a comic book. Seeing the names here of the characters of the series bring back fond memories of the part each played. They were always in my dreams. I love the Shmoo, and the biggest event in Dogpatch- the Sawdie Hawkins Day. I wish somebody could revive the Li’l Abner story for the pleasure of the new generations. It is sad that not one of my 14 grandchildren ever heard of the names of Li’l Abner, Daisy Mae, Pappy and Mammy Yokum and the lovable, eatable Schmoos.

  16. Toi Vaino says:

    I think Donald Trump is a latter-day embodiment of General Bullmoose. As an older Canadian fan of Al Capp’s Li’l Abner comic strip, I’m surprised that Americans haven’t picked up on the similarity. Perhaps our loss is the Donald’s gain…


    I still love them all! And who will ever forget Kackapoo Joy Juice? Or Turnip Termites. Sadie Hawkins Day . . .
    At age 88, I was fortunate to be able to read Al Capp on a regular basis.
    He didn’t mind editorializing either. He’d be in 7th heaven if he were still producing today.

  18. Miguel Julian Barrera says:

    I have pleasant memories of the comic strip of Al Capp that helped me to become interested in reading when I was a child there in 1951 in El Salvador.
    Thanks Al Capp.

  19. Jack says:

    Love Lil Abner and there is a restaurant in Munsing a city in the upper peninsula of Michigan called Dog Patch. The decor is based on the thriving metropolis of Dog Patch.

  20. JR Richmond says:

    The penetrating incite in a host of characters, not just those created by Al Capp, was the first casualty by the fake corporate news and media mafia in what was once our nation. It would seem that General Bullmoose and his ilk are writing the ‘strip’ now and the rest of us are just stupified by Ms. Jones. Perhaps they have met their Fleegle. JR

  21. Ted says:

    I loved lil Abner. Thanks for this

  22. Barbara Cochran says:

    Was there an Al Capp character named Sam?
    She lived in the swamp and was very beautiful
    like Moonbeam McSwine. The Schmoos were
    in that strip too.

  23. Bud Doran says:

    I’m 84 years old and all of a sudden today Lil Abner and Dogpatch came into my mind!! I remember taking my son and daughter to DOGPATCH and spent the day walking all over!! Had a great time! Just Googled it and was heartbroken to find it had been abandoned and now being used for some Jackleg Enterprise!! Sure is a difference in what our kids were brought up in a atmosphere of drugs and political Hate!

  24. frank says:

    Yes, it’s too bad it wasn’t able to be renovated, as some were planning in 2019!

  25. Lil-Abner Webmaster Frank says:

    Thank you, Ted!

  26. Lil-Abner Webmaster Frank says:

    Great to know that Jack! We should make a map of all the restaurant homages to Lil Abner, there are quite a few!

  27. Lil-Abner Webmaster Frank says:

    Yes! The “Shmoo” was a very important and influential character in the strip.

  28. Lil-Abner Webmaster Frank says:

    Which hotel do you mean?

  29. Lil-Abner Webmaster Frank says:

    Is it possible you are thinking of the “kigmy”? KIGMY

  30. Lil-Abner Webmaster Frank says:

    There was “Marryin’ Sam” who was a comical rotund man that married people (among many other offered services for pay), and there was a very beautiful “Wolf Gal” who lived with wolves, if not in the swamp!

  31. Lil-Abner Webmaster Frank says:

    Thank you for your comments Miguel!

  32. Lil-Abner Webmaster Frank says:

    Yes, there are many similarities!

  33. Lil-Abner Webmaster Frank says:

    Thanks for your comments Fred! There might be a resurgence coming…

  34. Lil-Abner Webmaster Frank says:


  35. Lil-Abner Webmaster Frank says:

    Thanks for your thoughts, Jim!

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