Character Profile: Pappy Yokum

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Pint-size Lucifer “Pappy” Yokum had the misfortune of being the patriarch in a family completely dominated by his better half, “Mammy” Yokum. On the other hand, Pappy didn’t seem to complain. He had a free ride for many years. Mammy did all the household work. Ostensibly a turnip farmer, Pappy was rarely seen working. In fact, he was so lazy, he didn’t even bathe himself. Mammy was regularly seen lathering and scrubbing Pappy in an oak tub next to the modest Yokum cabin. Mammy was the unofficial mayor of Dogpatch and could read. Pappy was illiterate. Mammy was smart. Pappy was dull-witted and gullible. Though their unlikely offspring Li’l Abner was at least twice his father’s (and mother’s) size, Abner obviously inherited a good many of his father’s lesser traits.

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  1. Gary Rohweder says:

    I so remember Lil Abner as a comic strip in the 40’s and 50’s and had many Lil Abner comic books and had saved many of the comic strips published in the St. Paul Pioneer Press alas, tho I have misplaced them many years ago.
    thanks for saving this american heritage
    Gary Rohweder

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