Character Profile: Daisy Mae Scragg

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Beautiful Daisy Mae Scragg was hopelessly in love with Li’l Abner through the entire course of the 43 year run of Al Capp’s comic strip. During most of it Abner took Daisy for granted and exhibited little romantic interest in her voluptuous charms. In 1952 Abner reluctantly proposed to Daisy Mae to emulate the wedding of his comic strip ideel, Fearless Fosdick. Fosdick’s wedding turned out to be fake, but Abner and Daisy’s was real. Once married, Abner became relatively domesticated and the two produced their only child, Honest Abe, in 1953. Like Abner’s Mammy Yokum and other wimmenfolk in Dogpatch, Daisy Mae did all the work while the menfolk generally did nothing whatsoever. Despite this near slavish role, Daisy Mae seldom complained, one of her countless virtues. Her blood family, on the other hand, was as evil as could be. Wild plot twists often took Daisy Mae to exotic locales and she was frequently wooed by rich and handsome men, but she always returned to Dogpatch and her true, if worthless, love.


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  1. steve miller says:

    I saw the movie “Lil Abner ” with Buster Keaton the other evening on T.C.T. . I enjoyed it !
    I used to live in Arkansas also and sometimes I really miss it !
    Steve Miller

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